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To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll – Goshka Macuga

Milan, 2016

The thrilling exhibition 'To the Son of Man Who Ate the Scroll' by Polish artist Goshka Macuga will be on at Fondazione Prada in Milan 4 February - 19 June 2016.

The part of the exhibition titledNegotiation sites’ after Saburo Murakami is realised by Goshka Macuga in collaboration with Kvadrat.

Goshka Macuga is often said to take the roles of the artist, curator, collector, researcher and exhibition designer in her artistic practice. Macuga describes this categorization of her practice as a way of trying to place her within the ‘art history taxonomy’.

Macuga works across a variety of media including sculpture, installation, photography, architecture and design and explores how and why we remember both cultural and personal events. The exhibition explores how we create our own systems for producing and remembering knowledge in times of rapidly advancing technology and information saturation.

Read more about the exhibition on the website of Fondazione Prada.

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