New Kinnasand collection: Tailor made

Characterised by state-of-the-art weaving technology, refined materials and multidimensional colours, Tailor Made explores the concept of fine-tailoring applied to interiors. In doing so, the collection translates the particular sensation of well-being that comes from wearing tailored garments into spaces.

Reflecting this, the curtains and rugs comprising the collection are ‘worn’ by interiors. Surprising and intricate, they consistently unveil fresh haptic and visual traits, as well as providing illuminating insights into the essence of the environments they inhabit.

Intriguing new interpretations of classic motifs associated with tailoring are a defining feature of Tailor Made. The collection forms a meticulous language from archetypal patterns in weaves and materials, such as herringbone, polka dot, argyle and pinstripe, as well as bouclé, cord and tweed.

In addition, Tailor Made offers a scale of sensuous structures and surfaces, which reference fine-tailoring. Ranging from transparent and airy to natural and dense, these engage in a lively dialogue with vivid effect yarns and special finishes.

The colour concept for Tailor Made infuses the collection with exceptional versatility as it draws on mixed tones and refined palettes to unfold subtle gradations and fresh notes.

This evocative, nuanced approach to colour ensures the Tailor Made rugs and curtains can be combined in many ways while seamlessly adapting to typical architectural surfaces and materials. Notably wood, stone and metal.

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