Mosaic by Febrik

Mosaic 2 is a knitted three-dimensional upholstery textile with a precise, graphic pattern. Designed by Febrik, it features soft-edged, tactile diamond shapes that play across its surface.

Though Mosaic 2 has a calm expression when viewed from a distance, under closer inspection it reveals intriguing depth of colour. Reflecting this, each colourway unites two subtly contrasting or tone-in-tone yarns.

The colour palette is crafted to complement Mosaic’s rhythmic, structured expression. It is comprised of gentle notes and muted shades.

Mosaic 2 is suitable is recommended for private spaces and low-traffic public areas.

Due to its knitted construction, it delivers excellent stretchability. As it clings to curves so well, it is ideal for upholstering organic shapes, but softens right-angled objects.