Winter novelties

Launching Patio, our first outdoor textile
With its soft touch and environmentally friendly profile we are proud to present Patio – an outdoor textile with a unique sustainable profile in fresh, sporty colours, designed by Karina Nielsen Rios

This winter, we will also introduce new rug collections by Hella Jongerius, Simone Post, Scholten & Baijings and Kinnasand. Ranging from geometric impressions and shimmering pointillism to illusions of dissolving organic patterns, these rugs will make for striking podiums for any furniture

Panorama, Diorama and Suite by Margrethe Odgaard

Margrethe Odgaard’s new curtain collection comprises three elegant satin-woven curtains: Panorama, Diorama and Suite. Though each design has its own story to tell, they share rich, natural colours and traits: all feature one side that is a polarised mirror of the other. Surprising and eye-catching whether seen from inside or outside, they are subtly lustrous on one side and more matte on the other.

Margrethe Odgaard: “When creating the collection, I did a lot of research into traditional interior architecture. During the baroque period in the 1700s, for instance, it was common to divide walls with profiled timber 1/3 from the floor and up. In contrast, French Modernism was characterised by extending the ceiling 1/3 down the wall. Depending on where the dividing line is set, it influences a person’s own reflection within a space and can be used to make a room look larger.

Atlas by MArgrethe Odgaard

Designed by Margrethe Odgaard Atlas was created to deliver a pioneering mélange look that compliments the existing mélanges in the Kvadrat collection. She achieved this with a construction that unites two different coloured yarns – each of which combines two colours – in the warp and the weft.

Margrethe Odgaard: “When working on the textile’s palette, we chose 37 out of 1216 possible colourways. Atlas reminds me of small topographic maps describing a rich, sensuous and vibrating world of nuances.”

Patio by Karina Nielsen Rios

Patio is an upholstery textile developed for outdoors, which offers exceptional colour vibrancy. Designed by Karina Nielsen Rios, it is made with a highly durable, specially developed Trevira CS yarn.

A result of 3 years intensive research, Patio features a fluorocarbon-free, environmentally-focused finish, which is water-repellent and fast-drying. It also provides resistance against chlorine, seawater and artificial weathering and is flame-retardant. In addition to its technical features, it also stands out for a soft touch compared to other outdoor fabrics.

Highfield designed by Alfredo Häberli

Highfield is an upholstery textile with a sporty expression crafted by Alfredo Häberli. It comes in updated colours and a top layer made of the textile Field – also by the Argentinian-born designer – which features a pronounced checkered pattern.

Alfredo Häberli: ‘My idea for Highfield was to achieve a three-dimensional, soft surface. The irregular circles in the material add sparkle to the surface and the pattern suits furniture well with its combination of square and organic forms’.

Sinuous by Simone Post

Simone Post’s first design for Kvadrat, Sinuous, is based on how certain colours create a visual “vibration” when placed next to each other. The result of a thorough research process, in which the designer made countless samples to find the perfect balance, this 100% wool rug is well-suited for both home and contract spaces.

Sinuous’s colour palette ranges from ecru, light grey, anthracite, and dark soil to hot yellow, red, and midnight blue. Bold and vivid strings are created by hand-twining bundles of smaller yarns in five different colours. These twisted bundles are woven together with small single yarns using the same colours to create different levels of colour mingling on the surface of the rug. 

Still by Georgina Wright

Still is a natural-looking, exceptionally soft chenille upholstery textile designed by Georgina Wright. Dynamic yet understated, it is inspired by the still-life paintings of British artist Ivon Hitchens.

Constructed from Chenille yarn, Still has a striated expression that runs in the direction of the weft. It also features a subtle matt sheen and the dry-hand feel typically associated with cotton, despite being crafted from man-made fibres.

Georgina Wright: “Ivon Hitchens’ panoramic paintings are directly derived from landscape views. When applied to a textile, his colour universe adds a new layer to the totality of the design.

Clouds by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

In collaboration with Kvadrat, internationally acclaimed designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created Clouds, an innovative, interlocking textile tile concept for the home. Made from one element and attached with special rubber bands, they can be installed to a wall or hung from a ceiling.

This piece instantly produces three-dimensional shapes that constantly evolve as you keep adding new elements to the geometry by banishing traditional rectangular settlements. Clouds coat architecture in a more fluid yet dynamic way; bringing surprisingly colourful fabric windows to any room,’ Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Flutter by Hella Jongerius

Flutter is a sophisticated woollen upholstery fabric that continues the exploration of embroidery techniques and visual effects seen in Jongerius’s earlier works for Maharam and Kvadrat.

Transformed by Hella Jongerius from a drawing to a hand-sewn sample, Flutter’s embroidered pattern captures the details and movement observed in a study of cascading feathers. Meticulously stitched in individual layers, single lines overlap and build to indicate motion across 16 individual motifs, each of which is composed of five colours. 

Element by Scholten & Baijings

Entirely handwoven, Element reflects the fresh, geometric style of design duo Scholten & Baijings. Intrigued by the incorporation of yarns with different textures, the designers spent time studying materials, colours and bindings, while searching at length for a construction that would allow the various material characteristics to emerge. The end result bringsboth a refined,bold , and contemporary touch to any space.

Element combines a specially developed woollen felt yarn in light or dark neutral shades with brightly coloured viscose yarns.

Slope by Hella Jongerius

Slope is a high quality Tibetan wool rug characterised by a dynamic colour bleed at the sides. In an earthy palette ranging from brown and golden to autumnal red, dove gray, and green, the design is created using a process described by Hella Jongerius as a ‘tye-dye woven construction’.

This complex ikat-technique involves dyeing tightly wrapped bundles of yarn by hand so that the pattern is created in the yarn itself. Dyed yarns are then meticulously aligned on a loom by a master weaver in order to render Slope’s precisely blended quality.

Kelim Patterns

Kelim Patterns adds a fresh, contemporary perspective to the sensuous world of Kinnasand Kelim rugs. It comprises four designs, each available in three colourways, characterised by dynamic dialogues between pattern, colour and weaving structure.

Meticulously crafted by hand from pure New Zealand Wool, the Kelim Patterns rugs are handwoven using a nomadic flatweave technique. They reenvisage artisanal Kelim patterns in a new light, playing with scale, contrast and motion.